What’s the big deal about ‘social’?

The big secret: ‘social’ is just a buzzword. But it’s one that carries important meaning, because it’s changed how the Internet works.

Not long ago the web was just a collection of connected pages, almost like a library. Today it’s more like a cafeteria – instead of a book on the shelf in a quiet room, waiting to be found, you’re a dish on the menu: people are sharing, talking about and getting a good look at your offering before they ever get in line to order.

And trendy topics aside, that’s what ‘social’ means – people talking amongst themselves. ‘Social applications’ are the equivalent of getting seen at the cool table (or dropping the names that prove it), and can take many forms.

Personality, presence and consistency

Most people think of custom Facebook pages or outreach using Twitter when they think of ‘social’, and that’s a great place to start.

There’s so much more: building an online personality through social media can expand your reach to new markets, make a lasting impression on your customers and cement your position as a knowledgeable leader in your field.

For best results, you should leverage not just social networks, but cross-platform syndication and API integration for your site – you’re sitting at the cool table, so be vocal about it!

The better your presentation, the more interesting the experience you provide, the better your results will be.

Show your true colors

The social web is a huge part of your customers’ lives – you should be interacting with them using the platforms they prefer. The results can be dramatic… and fast.

You’ll need to make a strong impression first. Here’s how we can help:

  • Custom Facebook applications
  • Customized Facebook Fan pages
  • API integrations – push/pull social feeds to/from your website
  • Buddypress & SocialEngine-based social networks
  • Social storefronts & E-commerce
  • Productivity apps & other utilities
  • Games & entertainment applications
  • Audio & video applications
  • Social network content syndication

What can social apps do for your business?

That’s a big question, with an even bigger answer. If you’d like to discuss your options (they’re wide open) with an expert developer, or if you have an idea for a social application and would like to flesh out your concept and get a complementary estimate for your project, let us know – we love talking shop!

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