Yes, you need one. Here’s why:

Mobile Internet users outnumber their desk-based counterparts three to one; the gap is growing fast. Well over a million smartphones are activated every day, and every new device relies on apps to make it awesome.

There’s a strong and growing demand for quality.

Mobile computing is already widely in use in business across industries and sectors including (and beyond) finance, education, health, retail and media. Consumers want powerful, portable tech, OEMs are delivering and the way forward is clear.

Mobile apps provide the opportunity to reach out to your prospects and customers individually with an engaging, highly unique experience – one they want to enjoy because it’s designed specifically for them.

Your customers want to use apps

But they only want to use good ones.

There’s a big difference between an invisible user interface – so smart you don’t even notice it’s there – and a poorly-conceived point-and-click adventure in app navigation:

One delivers impressive conversions and experience users want to remember and repeat. The other doesn’t.

Thousands of apps hit the markets every day. The ones make the biggest splash – and get the most downloads – are always the most interesting, useful and unique because rankings are driven purely by user reviews.

What makes a good app?

A successful app is a rich, entertaining experience for users that leads them to your desired outcome (such as a purchase). Thoughtful consideration is needed to refine its performance to perfection.

Creating an app users embrace is a rewarding challenge and an incredibly versatile opportunity for hyper-targeted marketing, traffic and sales.

We do.

We can help you connect with each of your clients through a mobile app with perfect fit, finish and function for almost any mobile platform, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone, blending open source and commercial solutions to match your needs precisely.

From scalable, secure E-commerce to full-featured entertainment, we provide:

  • Applications built from concept to market
  • Fresh, intuitive interfaces users enjoy
  • Social media integration for easy sharing
  • Absolute satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast, easy tech support post-release

If you have a mobile application idea, some questions about the building process or would like to get a free assessment and cost estimate for your project, get in touch – we’ll be happy to help!

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