A specialized task force hand-chosen by you

As an entrepreneur or agency director, you know your teams are the key to your success: even a business superhero can’t handle everything themselves. The right people with the right talents, focused on the right goals, are crucial – more so every day as your business grows and evolves.

Piercing together your development dream team locally can be a real challenge due to geographical constraints and limited selection. Getting a hodgepodge collection of offsite talent to collaborate smoothly with your creative department in real time can be even tougher.

Outsourcing digital development is a smart move for your business – provided you’re guaranteed your own dedicated team of engineering and programming masterminds.

For growth, balance and personal accountability

A dedicated team is perfect: the closer you work together, the better their product matches your business objectives and the less monitoring you need to perform.

Of course, you’ll always be involved at every step of the build process – the point is, you should have the peace of mind of knowing you don’t need to look over anybody’s shoulder.

Your custom-built, dedicated development team of Geared engineers, programmers, InfoSec experts and consultants will provide precisely the skills and knowledge you need to deliver the digital experiences you and your customers want. Personally.

Evolving with you as your business grows and changes.

A partner in development; invested in growth

Thinking strategically long-term, building a supportive, transparent relationship with a dedicated development team, fine-tuned to your requirements, is both productive and smart.

Managing your hand-picked team (scalable from one software engineer or programmer to hundreds) is easy because the entire development process is set up according to your requirements, with responsibility shared between our managers and yours.

You’re involved as much as you choose to be at every stage; always in complete control over every aspect of hiring/retention, scheduling and other team logistics. Change requests are fast, easy and stress-free and your intellectual property rights are fully protected.

There are no closed doors at Geared, because we believe your success is the measure of our own: we’re in this together. Our clients agree.

Performance you can rely on

Outsourcing software development to Geared guarantees you three things:

  • dramatically reduced costs compared to maintaining onsite facilities & staff
  • monthly, flat-fee payment structure with no surprises
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee & accessible, ongoing support for our products

It’s always simple: you bring the ideas; we provide the talent, tools, tech, space and infrastructure to refine and manifest them according to your vision.

You’re as safe as technology can make you with Geared, Inc. All employees are thoroughly vetted for your security and privacy and our development facilities use banking-grade encryption and strong physical security protocols to protect your sensitive data.

If you’re into building mutual success, let us know  – and start cherry-picking the best minds for your exclusively-allocated team.

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