Expressing your vision

Launching a business is exciting, to say the least. You’re combining your industry knowledge with the thrill of entrepreneurship – the freedom of working for yourself.

That means you’re facing new questions; factors you might not have considered before. And if you have all the answers, you’d probably be the first. It’s OK: this is new territory; navigating it can be a challenge and it’s best to focus on the here and now – make it awesome.

With the future in mind

Our development team lives – make that eats, sleeps and breathes – on the bleeding edge of trends and tech, and we’re intimately familiar with the intricacies of helping startup businesses excel alongside the big fish in the pool.

Whether you know exactly what you need or are looking for a development partner to help build your ideas and guide you through cost-effective ways to achieve maximum performance from your online platforms, we count your success as our own – and we accept no less.

Geared creates, implements and supports adaptive software solutions designed specifically to match your evolving business strategy, customers and brand personality.

  • Custom web applications
  • E-commerce /shopping cart integration
  • Mobile app & site development
  • Web/microsite creation
  • Strategic technology planning
  • Custom social media pages & applications

Strategic performance

We develop applications that deliver the experience you intend them to; that drive your users to act as expected, whether that’s a purchasing decision, a content-share or a positive brand perception.

But your business is going to grow and change – of that you can be absolutely certain.

It’s important to choose scalable technology solutions that deliver precisely the performance you envision today while capturing and simplifying fast response to user feedback as you grow.

Adaptive, agile development

Startups have one major advantage over larger competition: you can move, act and react in real time. You can adapt and evolve with your customers’ changing needs and deliver exactly what they want at any moment in time. Establish that flexibility now – it will be invaluable for the future.

Learn what your users want, wow them today, and they’ll tell you what you need to do tomorrow.

This is part of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) methodology: iterative growth. Instead of trying to imagine everything the future might hold, you focus on the action: you stay on top of shifting markets. That kind of finger-on-the-pulse responsiveness creates loyal brand advocates who expand your reach organically.

The best way to achieve this? Aim higher than ‘sales’. Focus on precision-tuning your presentation to deliver what performs best, right now – and keep your momentum flowing.

Moving forwards

Focus: future-proof your startup (and avoid costly, stressful mistakes) with modular, evolving development – create a lean, fully-flexible framework that supports future growth. Give your audience what they want – and stay lean enough for agile response to evolving demands.

Know what to expect – get a complimentary assessment and estimate for your project. Let’s discuss what you’re planning and how you can best accomplish it.  You’ll get our honest, uncut insight on your ideas and we’ll help you define the perfect scope for laser-polished applications.

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