At our core, we are a boutique development agency focused on creating fully-scalable web, mobile and social applications emphasizing impressive user experience and fascinating visual design.

We collaborate with agency partners in creating innovative applications for some of the world’s best-recognized brands, and lend that that same powerful energy to helping entrepreneurs establish an impactful – and profitable – online presence.

active. vibrant. fruitful.


We run a tight ship: lean; small; distributed. We’re headquartered in San Diego, California, but have team members around the world to work efficiently with clients in any time zone. This low-logistics model lets us beat deadlines and provide significant cost savings to clients.

We continually broaden our talent pool, upgrade our equipment and software and performance tweaking never stops – expect the newest and best of everything from us, start to finish without exception.

versatile. effective. stable.


Chandan Kanodia / Founder & Principal 

Chandan blends a master’s understanding of technology with proven business vision to create accessible, scalable development services across industries. Over 15 years in defining IT strategy, team-building and management, Chandan has lent his expertise as a project manager, architect, technologist and engineer to a variety of ventures, from launching online startups to implementing E-commerce platforms for large-scale enterprise. Today, he oversees all operations at Geared, making sure everything’s awesome for everyone on a day-to-day basis.  

When not leading Geared, Chandan is a father, lean-startup junkie and avid hiker.

Vikash Agrawal / Director of Development 

With a Masters in Computer Science from IIT Chicago and over 10 years’ development experience, Vikash has consulted for some of the biggest names in telecom, finance, retail and more. He’s demonstrated excellence in supply chain management, compliance and education. Today, Vikash provides astute technical guidance and leadership to the Geared development team. You’ll find evidence of his polished skill in every project we deliver.



We are passionate – but perceptive. Accessible, but exclusive. Inventive, but focused.

We choose our clients very carefully because every project we complete becomes part of who we are as a company. As developers. As people. Your success is the measure of our own, and we structure our time and projects strategically with this in mind.

inspired. constructive. bright.

Choosing a development partner is a very big deal. You have a lot of important things to consider. If we can help, let us know – we’ll be happy to discuss your situation to help you make the best decision for your business.

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